TNSS: Checkmate

This Episode is a short one – busy as always here in APITEland…

All is working smoothly on Edsel and Josephine for my day-to-day tasks. There are a few odd issues here and there – mostly with Plugins that haven’t been ‘Big Sur’d’ yet. Some d16 Group ones that can’t be registered along with a couple from Full Bucket Music that refuse to show any on-screen knob, slider, or button movements are the main ones that come to mind. Nothing that can’t wait for fixes as they don’t interfere with what I need to do.

So the worthiness of this post (and a quick giggle) is that EduCorp® got me a new computer after about five years.

I now have another Clara Jane.

I didn’t have the heart to tell IT that my M1’s will eat this thing’s lunch so it will look as brand new when they come to collect it in another five years or so. I’m also betting by that time I will get a second-gen Apple Silicon model from them while I’ve been doing actual work on a third- or fourth-gen machine personally purchased.

I’ve named it Grumpy after the sticker I slapped on it to prevent accidental usage. (Main pic above)

I really like our IT Team, but honestly this is just a waste of money and resources and will be near-obsolete in a few years’ time. They really need to think ahead on these things…

Until next time!