TNSS: A. B. And C.

While I’m in Testing Mode I ran across a few things you might like to know. Oh, and I am currently writing this post on Edsel, so the transition to normalcy is off to a flying start – every passing day is another round of Apps with Bur Sur and/or M1 updates, and comparing Clara Jane to Edsel right now shows maybe 4 or 5 Apps (non-musical) I would really like to have. Not bad for about 5 days in!

And with that bright spot, on to the main points of this update:

A. While poking around the Interwebz® for news and updates I ran into this tidbit from Chris over at Audio Damage:

We have begun our port to Apple Silicon, and have already updated some products. We hope to have everything done by the end of November.

Having said that, it should be noted that our testing has shown that native Apple Silicon hosts don’t really seem to care whether the plugin is Intel or ARM. In our testing so far, our own products are indistinguishable in the Apple Silicon native versions of Logic and Mainstage, as are the other plugins we have tried from our friends in the industry.

On the whole, our general opinion is that as a producer you won’t really notice (or even be able to tell) whether a plugin or host is running native ARM or in Rosetta 2. The CPU load should be more or less the same; the ARM version may be slightly lower, but this is difficult to measure consistently.

This is super interesting. The reports I have read about both Apple Silicon and Rosetta 2 performance are showing that The Mothership® is not only going to radically change the whole Macintosh lineup not only moving forward, but that future really is right here, right now. I’m wagering the true ‘Pro’ versions coming in the next year or so are going to push computing to a whole new level, and we may look at Intel-based systems in less than two years like we look at Power PC Macs of Yore – doorstops.

With Chris’ post in mind I decided to do something to test it (and I need some Software Instruments other than the Logic built-in ones), so I popped over to Patrick Kunz’s House of Awesomeness and even though he says they are on the ball with Big Sur, Apple Silicon, and M1 support is coming soon, I grabbed NoiseMaker to see if it would work since I don’t think it’s been updated since the Catalina updates a year or so ago.

Installer called no fouls, and it passed Logic Pro Validation. A quick sequence didn’t break anything, so very impressed. More testing to come…

Validation Passed

Sidebar: TAL’s NoiseMaker is free, and if you like it please support Patrick and Co. by buying a plugin or six. They are worth every penny and you’ll be supporting small developers. I could say this for a lot of Music App Makers, btw… 🙂

Speaking of, the rest of the Audio Software Devs are assumedly busy at work as the news of updates has slowed to a crawl. Again, this is expected and as I live by the Venn diagram I put as the Post Header (and you should too.) I’m fine with it. Take your time and get it right, but if the Rosetta 2/TAL NoiseMaker test is any benchmark I believe the floodgates will open shortly. I’ll test some other small dev plugins as time allows before then.

B. I have had a very odd hardware issue with Edsel – the Apple Magic Mouse I’m using for it randomly loses connection and refuses to reconnect until I hit a key on the accompanying Magic Keyboard. Happens about once or twice a day. I have used the Magic Mouse with other Macs and even iPads with no problems whatsoever.

I personally hate using mice, and really wish there was a way to connect a single Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad to work on multiple Macs. There’s supposedly a trick of turning Bluetooth off on one machine and then on on the other to switch back and forth, but I couldn’t replicate that – Edsel wouldn’t even recognize either of the Bluetooth devices that had already been paired with Clara Jane. So I pulled my old HP Bluetooth mouse out of the ‘computer junk’ drawer and it seems to work as expected. Looks like I’ll have to get another Magic Trackpad, but there really should be a more elegant solution for this other than lining mApple’s pockets a little bit more.

C. The new monitor and arm have arrived and are put into place. Makes a big difference and switching between both computers is easy. Just the constant swapping of Input Devices is a pain in the you-know what, so I’ll just use Clara Jane’s built-in keyboard and trackpad for any two-device testing.

Desk updated

In the pic above Edsel is on the Big Screen, Clara Jane on her own for the Logic comparisons I’ve been doing. The Arturia BeatStep Pro and UA Apollo to the left of it are connected through the CalDigit dock for Clara Jane (you can see it peeking out below the laptop stand). I need to dig out an audio interface and MIDI controller for the Mini so I’m not listening to sounds from its internal speaker while pecking away at Logic’s Musical Typing keyboard. Time for a trip to the Closet of Discarded Wonders to see what’s in there.

That’s all for today, next time we’ll get into Logic – I promise. 🙂

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