TNSS: The Chimes of Big Ben

When you turn the new Macs on they make the old breathy startup chord sound of Macs of Yore. It even has a reduced sample rate quality that is oh so fashionable every year or so in the Audio Biz. I’m sure there are thousands of videos out there that demonstrate this if you care about such things. In my case I found it slightly…annoying.

Last night was the Software Update to the last Big Sur release. On Clara Jane, a comparable update (3.83 GB in this case) would take about 10 minutes to download and about 40ish minutes to complete. Edsel chewed through everything in about 15 minutes. There is some speed in here, yes.

The App Store updates were surprising – nothing needed to be updated. I did have to ‘authorize’ Pages, Numbers, and a few core apps to work on this machine with a button click, but a recheck for updates produced nothing. Nice.

Next was Logic Pro. A quick download followed by 40 minutes of ‘Additional Sounds’ (yes, I did the full 80GB lot). A box in the bottom left corner displayed downloading times and installing progress while I puttered off to have dinner. I’m not sure if I’ll put Final Cut or Motion on Edsel yet. I use them occasionally but not that often and they can be installed later if need be.

The first ‘3rd Party’ App I put on any new system is 1Password. They had released a Big Sur-compatible version (7.7) just that day so it was off to Agilebits to get the latest installer. Did have a glitch where Edsel refused to install on the first try, but I launched the Installer again and it went off without a hitch. This is foreshadowing or things to come, I’ll bet…

And so ends my first day with The New Shiny-Shiny.

The next morning I ordered a new monitor from scAmazon®. Desk Real Estate is limited and having multiple monitors is not an option. Told you to be prepared to spend more money than you expected. 🙂


(Yeah – this ain’t gonna work…)

The rest of the early morning before EduCorp® duties commence is spent scouring the trade sites for info on what issues other users have found with Apple Silicon or Big Sur and hopefully glean a bit of info on Apps I use that have been updated for MacOS 11. 

For the Music Software side G has a running Thread over at MacOS Audio that is updated constantly. A lot of his info is from email dispatches from the Devs so you might have to do a bunch of clicking through to get the latest info. He does this for almost every System Update, btw…

This is one of the main reasons Pros will always tell you you to wait before updating your system. It’s a long game of waiting for everyone to catch up with the newness and work out the bugs and oddities. If you just check your fave websites and cat videos with your computer then you’ll probably be fine with the latest and greatest. For those who rely on Third-Party Developers to get a lot of their work or play done you have to wait until they have everything ready a few months after the tidal wave has crested. 

Strangely, the November 12th updates showed up for GarageBand, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, and iMovie at lunchtime – 6 days after they were released. Go mApple!

Found that a lot of my needed Utilities, Bartender, Hazel, CleanShot X, and Yoink! have Big Sur versions. Keyboard Maestro looks like it works too… Good news. There were some Upgrade fees involved with a few of these apps, but I expected this – about once a year they begin to creep in, and all worth the price of readmission to me.

Downloaded Office 365 before heading back into the fray and frenzy of work. Will test it later. Spoiler Alert: it works.

After dinner were a couple of things I wasn’t sure about. I downloaded the latest version of REAPER. Spoiler Alert: it seems to work – shakedown testing later.

Then to Valhalla DSP, makers of my favorite time-based effect plugins, based on a Tweet that everything was go for Big Sur.

Sean Costello is Awesome

This makes me sooooo happy, and what a perfect place to stop for the evening. Surprisingly, nothing else I installed had issues after the 1Password hiccup. There are lots of trips to System Prefs to make various Utilities work, but if you’re coming from Catalina you are more that used to this. Most of the apps walk you through the steps on first launch.

In the next thrilling episode we’ll start digging into Logic (and maybe REAPER too)  – and I’ll have a new monitor to make things a bit easier (fingers crossed).

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