Addendum: Checking for 10.15 (Catalina) 64-bit compatibility

Been asked a few questions on how to check for Catalina compatibility from the last post. These might help you if you haven’t discovered them already.

Roaring Apps Compatibility Checker – Bryce Cameron makes a great searchable database of OS compatibility. As of this writing a lot of the 10.15 Apps are mostly blue Question Marks (unknown or no user tested data available), but worth checking out nonetheless. As we get closer to the release date and more info comes in these will get updated. Keep in mind that some of the more obscure applications might not get updated – I have seen this in the past here… Regardless, it’s still a great resource.

St. Clair Software Go64 – a fantastic little App that digs down pretty deep into your System to find out what won’t work. Helped me dig up some of the Installer/Uninstaller info from the last post.

Roaring Apps has a Compatibility Checker too, but as of this writing their App doesn’t show any info for Catalina – so just use the website until it gets updated. 

You also have 64-but checking built-in to your Mac, to a degree. The System Information App (look in your Utilities Folder) will show you 64-bit compatibility if you choose Software>Applications in the Sidebar and wait for the window to show you everything you have installed. It only shows Apps (no Plugins), but can help root out a few that might need updating or purging. See the pic below for an example:


Just so you know, the Components Sidebar pane will show you Plugin info (for Audio Unit Plugins as well as System and other Media Components) but doesn’t give you any 64-bit info unless there’s something I’m missing…


I would like to add that both St. Clair Software makes some great Apps (Default Folder X being one) in addition to Go64. If you find either of these useful please buy one of their other products you might find useful or at least drop them a donation to show some support. It’s people like these that make our world just a little bit nicer. 🙂

Hope you found this helpful, and I’ll update this topic as it seems necessary.

Until next time…

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