Holy Cats, Is It Really February?

Because I just realized that I haven’t put anything up here in a while… These things happen when you’re CrazyBusy® and life just gets in the way.

Just upped the WP account and should have the old domain directed to here very shortly. The old APITE Squarespace account should be lapsed by now, and the last time I checked it it over the Holidaze® it showed the same nagging security error… Urgh.

Since I wrangled the domain from SS over to Hover I thought everything was good to go, but wound up spending countless hours digging through small mountains of FAQ’s and User Tips trying to get both companies to talk nicely with each other. But one (or both) of them just didn’t like the fact that one was holding the Domain Name and the other was just harboring the data. Hover made the Domain transfer process cheap and cheerful, but I have to say that once they had it is when all the chaos ensued.

I am hoping that WordPress can make this work again, and this is not one of those ‘hidden features’ of Squarespace. We should know in about a week…

I am planning on moving some of the old APITE material here, but a lot has changed with LUFS and Dynamics and Streaming over the past several months so I might have to revisit some of the posts and update as necessary. With the new Course well underway and our CrazyBusy® season coming to a close here at EduCorp®, I am really comping at the bit to get things back into a groove here at APITE. 🙂

I also have a few more Dynamics Check videos that never made it to the old site, but with some of these new changes to ‘The LUFS Standard’ I may have to start from scratch there… I’ve acquired some new measurement tools and quite a few audio tech upgrades since the last posted one and I think these may make for some better understanding of the changing streaming landscape and why we need it.

Oh, and one last thing – still working on the podcast, and will of course drop the info once we get it out for public consumption.

Okay, that’s it for now. Just wanted to let everyone know I’m still here, and getting things moving forward.



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